Electronic signature of documents

The portal https://netpodpis.llargo.sk can send different types of documents (invoices, contracts, bids, payslips ...) electronic signatures that you create. Electronic signature ensures the contents of the document, its finality and verify the author.

Advantages of electronic sending of documents

  • COST SAVING  – when you send documents it can cost from 0,50 to 1,10 Eur depending on your choice to send it as a regular item or recorded delivery. On the portal https://netpodpis.llargo.sk you send them free of charge.
  • TIME SAVING  – you do not need to waste your time or time of your colleagues to pack the documents and wait with them at a post office. Furthermore, your clients receive the document immediately, so they can be processed or reacted.
  • DIRECTNESS  – the electronically sent document gets directly to the recipient. The documents cycle is faster and possible losses are prevented. You do not give the invoice to your customer ́s employee when you sell goods or provide services but you send it directly to an accounting department to process it.

If we succeeded in persuading you about the advantages of the electronic sending of documents, create your own electronic signature.

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